What rehab patients say

Here’s what some of the recent patients of JCHC’s Rehab and Sports Clinic have told us on their graduation surveys:

“Great staff and results.  No complaints, keep doing a great job.  Positive asset to the hospital!” 
“Thank you Megan! Your are an awesome therapist, this facility is so very helpful and when I need therapy, I look forward to coming and seeing all the therapist i was helped by!” 
“Thanks Nichole! Awesome Job 🙂 Very pleased, I worked with every therapist threw out my rehab, awesome job by all! Well done!” 
“All of the staff at JCHC PT Dept. are outstanding at what they do for their patients.  Always my ONLY choice for rehabilitation when needed!” 
“I enjoyed therapy, the therapist were friendly.”
 “Nichole was very helpful in meeting my PT needs.  Great attitude towards her patients!” 
“These group of therapist are very professional and always friendly.  Glad I came here! Very nice, Travis did an excellent job. Thank you!”
“Nice facility, therapists smile and make me feel comfortable.”
 “I feel that JCHC is an excellent facility and i gained a lot of strength and mobility while here. “
“Your therapists are excellent and considerate! Thanks to all!”
“Megan is AWESOME!! :)” 
“Megan has helped me so much with my lymohedema! I am very glad to have met her.  Her knowledge and skills have been wonderful for my condition.  I will highly recommend her to others!”
“The therapists are extremely good and really know how to get people rehabilitated.  They are all very nice people.  Thank you all for your wonderful help! God bless!” 
“Travis explained his therapy sets and treated me with respect and I feel he is a very nice and skilled therapist. Thanks!”
 “I used to work at a physical therapy department.  This one was great, friendly staff that made me feel comfortable and cared for!”
 “My first experience with therapy was excellent! You people make some fun out of the experience! Thanks!”
“My first experience with therapy was excellent! You people make some fun out of the experience! Thanks!”
“Travis Kostal was my therapist and I can’t say enough good about him!  He was excellent! (Keep Him!)”
“Very good experience-they helped me so
much! From wheel chair to walking with a cane to unassisted! I am so grateful!”
“All the therapists and assistants were
involved in my care and treatment. They all knew my routine.  When using the Graston Tools, they would
spend the necessary time to ensure the best outcome for my day!”
“Amy did a fantastic job! She’s a very nice
person and helped me in all areas.”
“Good people with care”
“ALL therapists and staff are capable, concerned, compassionate, thoughtful, kind, courteous, friendly, knowledgeable, sense of humor, gentle, completely involved with care. Very lovable when caring for patients! Thank you all!”
“The staff did a great job of rehabilitating my lower extremity. Thanks for the t-shirt!”
“The staff was very good at their job and was very helpful. Two thumbs up!”
“Greatly satisfied with the team at Jefferson Community Health Center Rehabilitation & Sports Center! They do a wonderful job!”
“Justin and Jasmine helped me and were very polite and knowledgeable.”
“Treatment was exceptional. My pain decreased and my range of motion increased significantly.”
“Travis is knowledgeable, respectful and just a nice guy. Really appreciate his efforts.”
“Travis did a wonderful job working with me. I believe due to his professionalism and concern I have made the progress I was after.”

“I owe my life to Nichole for her caring and working hard with my on my recovery.  She is the best!”

“Travis is excellent and very knowledgeable, enjoyed my therapy at JCHC! “

“Everyone in the office was very helpful and friendly, great bunch and would recommend this place to anyone.”

“Very satisfied with service here! Will be back if ever necessary!”

“I came back further than I expected with this physical therapy, thank you!”

“JCHC has some knowledgeable therapists.  The interaction time and care they give is awesome!  You just know they care and will do whatever they have to for a speedy recovery!”

“GREAT TEAM! Really enjoyed my time and had great gains!”

“Absolutely excellent staff.  Very professional at all times, very knowledgeable, caring and helpful to everyone. I could try and think of all the complimentary things to say about everyone in the therapy department, but there just aren’t enough words.  They are simply the  “Best of the Best” Thank you!”

“We are lucky to have such good therapist here.  They all are very good at their jobs, thank you!”

“My therapist was Nichole.  I felt she was super.  On occasion she was busy with multiple patients, whenever this happened I never felt abandoned as she would check back with me, and if not her every other therapist would pitch in.  I was very impressed! I don’t know why anyone would go anywhere else. Thank you all!”

“Megan is a very nice and caring therapist.  Very knowledgeable about lymphedema as she educated me as to how I can manage it and It can be treated.”