Diabetes Education

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Diabetes Self Management Education

is recommended:

  • for those who are newly diagnosed with diabetes
  • for those with poor blood sugar control
  • when A1C test is greater than 7 percent
  • for complications that have required hospital or
  • emergency room treatment

Classes at JCHC are available in both individual and group settings. If you are interested in education and would like to schedule an appointment please call:

402-729-3351 ext. 4164


  You can learn to live with diabetes and we can help!

• Learn to make good choices to prevent or delay complications from diabetes.

• Develop skills in coping with the demands of living with diabetes.

• Let us help you identify problem areas and assist in overcoming those problems.

• Learn to identify barriers that make it hard for you to control your blood sugar

• See how smart nutrition can make managing your diabetes easier.

• Learn how to count carbohydrate grams

Diabetes Self Management Education is a service covered by Medicare and many private insurance companies.

A physician referral is required to attend education.

The mission of the JCHC diabetes program is to provide quality diabetes self management education to individuals through collaboration with physicians and the JCHC diabetes care team.  The diabetes self-management education program at JCHC is recognized by the American Diabetes Association.  This recognition signifies that the program meets the national standards for diabetes education and provides dedicated staff members who help people manage diabetes effectively.  You can learn how to live with diabetes and we can help!