Patient Financial Information

Thank you for choosing Jefferson Community Health Center for your healthcare services. Services at Jefferson Community Health Center may be paid by commercial insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, or by the patient.

• Commercial insurance — When you were admitted, you were asked to show your insurance card to ensure proper submission of your bill. We will file your bill with your insurance carrier. Avadyne, a payment center contracted by JCHC, will notify you when your responsibility for the bill is determined.

• Medicare — We will submit your bill to Medicare. If you have a supplemental insurance or Medicaid in addition to Medicare, please notify the admission staff. We will also submit your bill to your supplemental insurance.

• Medicaid — We will submit your bill to Medicaid for payment. Please bring your Medicaid Eligibility Card when you are admitted. If you have a Medicaid application pending, or will be making an application soon, please notify the admissions staff.

• Private pay — The patient is responsible to pay the total charges. A statement will be sent to the patient by Avadyne, a payment center contracted by JCHC.

• Charity care — JCHC provides assistance to patients who apply and meet the federal poverty guidelines. Forms will be given to patients upon request. For more information, contact the business office at (402) 729-3351.

If you have a question about your bill, filing with insurance etc., please call the business office at (402) 729-3351.