Our Management Team

Chief Executive Officer Chad Jurgens, ext. 4497 chad.jurgens@jchc.us

Chief Nursing Officer Judy McGee, ext. 4482 judy.mcgee@jchc.us

Chief Financial Officer Chance Klasek, ext. 4427 chance.klasek@jchc.us

Chief Quality Officer Erin Starr, ext. 4166 erin.starr@jchc.us

Human Resources Director Sandy Bauer, ext. 4499 sandy.bauer@jchc.us

Plant Operations, Safety, Emergency Management Director Judd Stewart, ext. 4439 judd.stewart@jchc.us

Public Relations Director Lana Likens, ext. 4479 lana.likens@jchc.us

Home Health Director Lori Ohlde RN, ext. 4320, lori.ohlde@jchc.us

Laboratory Manager Dan Reikofski, ext. 4471 dan.reikofski@jchc.us

Rehab and Sports Clinic Director Justin Schardt, ext. 5006 justin.schardt@jchc.us

Surgery Manager Sarah Bauer, ext. 5003 sarah.bauer@jchc.us

Pharmacy Director Brandon Bleich, ext. 4463, brandon.bleich@jchc.us

Nutritional Services Director Lisa Edeal, ext. 4325 lisa.edeal@jchc.us

Nursing Home Director Deb Sutton, ext. 5019 deb.sutton@jchc.us

Radiology Manager Nikole Marschman, ext. 4107 nikole.marschman@jchc.us

Wellness Center Director Craig Bontrager, ext. 4414 craig.bontrager@jchc.us

Cardiac Rehab Director Twila Scheetz, ext. 4266 twila.scheetz@jchc.us

Purchasing, Housekeeping, and Laundry Director Stephanie McDaniel, ext. 4175 steph.mcdaniel@jchc.us

Health Information Svs Director Shirley Carmichael, ext. 4442 shirley.carmichael@jchc.us

Infection Preventionist Jill Duis, ext. 4164 jill.duis@jchc.us

Information Technology Director Dennis Ahl, ext. 4151 dennis.ahl@jchc.us

Social Services Kris Huss, ext. 4400 kris.huss@jchc.us

Respiratory Therapy Stacy Shumard, 4436 stacy.shumard@jchc.us

Fairbury Clinic Office Manager Jacki Moellenbernt, (402) 729-3361, extension 114, jacki.moellenberndt@jchc.us