A family of caring …

provides the best in obstetric services at

Jefferson Community Health Center

in cooperation with

The Fairbury Clinic P.C.


  •  Four board certified family physicians at the Fairbury Clinic P.C. for obstetric care;
  •  Family-centered, caring nursing staff, dual certified in Neonatal Resuscitation (NRP) and stabilization (STABLE);
  •  Epidurals available from experienced Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists;
  •  Complete surgical facilities for Cesarean sections, if needed;
  •  Two physicians available to perform Cesarean sections, if needed;
  •  Personal, family-centered care;
  •  Babies “room in” with mothers;
  •  Prenatal classes offered three times each year by experienced RNs;
  •  Obstetric area includes labor-delivery-recovery room and postpartum suites;
  •  Comprehensive pediatric care from board certified Family Medicine physicians as your child grows — right here at home!

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