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Nursing Home Makes Life Special

Jefferson Community Health Center offers a 40-bed nursing home facility, providing a home for those who can no longer remain in their own homes. A beautiful day room greets visitors and provides a place for residents to enjoy meals, relax and watch television with others, like the family living room. A wide variety of activities, including games, crafts, entertainment and sing-a-longs are offered for all residents. An activities director coordinates programs. Worship services are offered each Sunday afternoon, with area ministers rotating to provide the services. Special holiday parties and buffets are also held periodically throughout the year. Residents elect their own Residents’ Council, which gives the staff feed-back on what activities are desired, what types of changes could be made to make life better for residents, and what types of food residents like. Monthly Residents’ Council meetings also provide a forum for questions. The monthly meetings are also informative, letting council members know about new things going on in the facility. Professional nursing staff provide compassionate, quality care for residents. A social services director helps residents with a variety of personal needs, including reading correspondence and making appointments. A physical therapy assistant and occupational therapist are part of the nursing home staff. Care conferences are held regularly for all residents, inviting family members to discuss their loved ones’ care with staff members from all of the areas involved in the residents’ care. Care is the key: Our goal is to provide the care needed to make quality of life the best it can be for every resident.

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