Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance

JCHC provides medically necessary services to patients regardless of their ability to pay. JCHC provides financial assistance to patients who apply and meet the federal poverty guidelines. JCHC works with Avadyne Health, a business partner which handles billing and reviews applications for patient financial assistance. Forms are available upon request, may be provided to patients who have a current self-pay balance if it is determined they may not have the means to make payment, or may be printed from this page.

To apply for financial assistance, please:
1) complete the form by either typing or legibly printing;

2) Attach copies of your verification of income;

3) Sign and date the form;

4) Send the completed form to:
Avadyne Health, 10604 Justin Drive, Des Moines, Iowa, 50322-3755.

For a patient financial application, click here.

 Upon receipt of the information, Avadyne will review the application, and you will be notified of the determination. Failure to submit all requested information will result in automatic denial of extended payments or financial assistance benefits.

For JCHC’s Financial Assistance Policies:
JCHC Financial Assistance Policy
JCHC Financial Assistance Plain Language Summary

 For more information, contact the JCHC business office at (402) 729-3351 or Avadyne Health at 800-777-8645.