Community Benefit Statement

Jefferson Community Health Center

Attachment to form 990

Fiscal Year End Sept. 30, 2013

             Jefferson Community Health Center Inc. is a private not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation as filed with the Internal Revenue Service, and is tax-exempt. JCHC is a charitable organization, and has as its main goal providing health care to residents of Jefferson County and the surrounding area — including providing health and wellness education, hospital and nursing home services, and other basic health care needs.

            JCHC operates a 25-bed acute care hospital and 39-bed long-term care facility which do not discriminate on the basis of age, sex, religion, or physical handicap. JCHC also operates a community wellness center.

            JCHC also reaches out to the community in a variety of ways including, in fiscal 2013:

 I. Benefits for the Poor/Public Programs

            a. Traditional Charity Care

            Charity care – JCHC provided charity care in fiscal 2013 to those who meet the federal poverty guidelines. The business office staff members file insurance claims for patients.

Patients assisted: 136. Value: $162,597.

            b. Unpaid costs of public programs.

            Medicaid shortfall – Shortfall based on costs: $196,000.

            c. Bad debt.

            Besides official charity care, JCHC wrote off $303.229 in bad debt during fiscal 2013.

 II. Community Benefit Services

  1. a.      Community Health Education and Outreach.

            Child safety seat program – JCHC is a part of a Child Safety Seat coalition and holds child safety seat check up events during the year, as well as offering individual instruction in proper use of seats. A total of 61 seats were checked in check-up events and in individual appointments. Grants are received to purchase seats to have available, but staff time is donated by Jefferson Community Health Center. Estimated value of staff time: $850.

Diabetes Conference – A diabetes conference was held for the community in November 2012 with 36 attending the half-day seminar. The cost of $10 for participants in addition to sponsorship received helped to offset the cost of speakers and supplies. Estimated staff time: $500.

Health fair - JCHC provides educational booths, free health screenings, handouts, information, etc., at the Jefferson County Home and Garden Show and the Jefferson County Fair. An estimated 500 took part in offerings from JCHC at these events. Also participated in the second Community Safety Fair offered by Loveland Industries. The Community Safety Fair was attended by about 200 people. For 2013, the cost of booths, giveaways, staff time, etc., are estimated at $2,500.  Estimated number reached: 700.

Speakers bureau. JCHC staff members provide educational programs for community organizations on a variety of topics. A total of 11 programs were done in fiscal 2013. Total individuals reached: 268. Estimated cost of staff time: $725.

Support Groups –  In 2013, JCHC coordinated a Parkinson’s Support Group and Alzheimer’s Caregiver’s Support Group. JCHC staff members coordinated meetings of these support groups, offering assistance to anyone interested in more information about the diseases. The Parkinson’s Support Group meets monthly. Total attendance during fiscal 2013 was 35. A support group for Caregiver’s of Alzheimer’s patients meets monthly and had attendance of 57 throughout the year. JCHC provides educational programs for each of these groups — including speaker’s fees or video tape rental fees, postage to send out meeting notices, and refreshments. Total number reached: 92. Approximate cost of staff time spent: $1,000. Estimated cost of postage: $325. Estimated other costs (materials, speaker fees, refreshments): $250.          

Educational programs. Jefferson Community Health Center offers educational programs to the community at break-even prices. Health Today was held in October, November and December 2012, with a total of 51 attending. Estimated number of people reached: 51. Estimated cost of programs, food, and staff time: $500. Cost of meeting space: $4,200.

             Health promotion programs. JCHC offers smoking cessation information to patients and the public. Each inpatient who is a smoker is provided information on smoking cessation. Estimated number reached: 121; Estimated cost of promotional materials provided: $543.29.


            b. Community-based clinical services

            Screenings and one-time or occasionally held clinics.

            Blood pressure clinics. Home Health offered community blood pressure screening 4 times in 2013 at Parkview Manor. Estimated number reached: 110. Estimated cost of staff time: $150 for staff time.

Complete blood profiles – Complete blood profiles were offered in the spring at a reduced rate. A total of 90 blood profiles were offered. Participants paid $45, which is a fraction of the estimated value of the testing. Estimated staff time: $1,200.

            Immunization Clinics. JCHC cooperates with Blue Valley Community Action and Public Health Solutions in providing immunization clinic for children twice each month. JCHC provides space where immunizations are done, nursing staff, the patient waiting areas, janitorial and support services, and storage of vaccines in our pharmacy. Number of children served: 132 by Blue Valley Community Action (uninsured); 562 by Public Health Solutions (insured). Estimated cost of nurses provided by JCHC to give shots: $1,620. Total children immunized: 694.

Diabetes Alert Day Screenings – Offered free blood sugar screenings on Diabetes Alert Day in March with a “Diabetes on the Square” event in downtown Fairbury. Number of screens: 35. Estimated staff time: $180.

            c. Health Care Support Services

Enrollment assistance in public programs – JCHC offered a community education program on Medicare Part D drug program provided by JCHC employees trained as SCHIIP volunteers (350), and prenatal classes (20). Estimated number of people reached: 370. Estimated cost of programs, food, and staff time: $5,000.

 III. Medical Education

            a. Scholarship funding for health professions.

            Physician/Medical Students, nurses/nursing students, technicians and other health professionals. JCHC works with Southeast Community College in Beatrice as a site for LPN practical nursing training. An estimated 60 students learned in our facility in 2013. Nursing students utilize meeting room space at JCHC, as well as take part in clinical practice. Medical students come regularly for rural rotations to learn from local physicians. JCHC provides a room for the medical students to stay in during their time in Fairbury, and also provides them use of our wellness center during their stay. Three medical students utilized our facility in 2013. JCHC offers the Lillian Hansen Reesman RN Memorial Nurses Scholarship Fund. Scholarships are offered from this fund, established in 1980. Only interest is used from this $10,000 perpetual fund, donated by the Reesman family, to provide nursing scholarships. Scholarships are provided as interest funds are available. One $500 scholarship was awarded in fiscal 2013. The JCHC Auxiliary provides a scholarship for students pursuing an education in medical fields. The $400 scholarship is given from the auxiliary’s funds, and the number of scholarships given each year is based on the auxiliary’s funding availability and the number of requests. One scholarship was awarded in 2013. Estimated number reached: 65. JCHC cost (apartment rent, staff time, etc.): $4,600.

            b. Other

Job Shadowing. JCHC hosts job shadow students through Fairbury High School’s anatomy and physiology class, through the Southeast Community College-Fairbury High School Career Academy program, and for interested individuals. This year, shadowing opportunities were also arranged for students as a part of the SCC Career Academy, and other individuals who were interested. A total of 28 students participated in shadowing opportunities in fiscal 2013. Number reached: 28. Estimated cost of staff time: $2,240.

            Videoconference. Continued offering videoconferencing capabilities, including possible programs for professionals in the community. Availability costs $100 per month. A total of 56 educational and administrative programs were offered in 2013. This included a number of opportunities for staff and community education, meetings, and clinical visits. Estimated number reached: 112. Cost for 2013: $1,200.

 IV. Subdized health services

            Wellness Center support. Jefferson Community Health Center has operated the Bob and Wauneta Burkley Wellness Center as a community wellness center since it opened in 1996. JCHC pays the wellness center’s operating expenses that exceed revenues.  Because of the health center’s support of the wellness center’s cash flow, prices for memberships and services can remain reasonable for community residents. If the wellness center were a stand-alone operation, prices would have to rise considerably to pay all expenses. Number of persons served: 1,037  (members as of fiscal year-end 2013.) Estimated amount of wellness center support: $272,000.

V. Research.

            No research dollars expended.

 VI. Cash and In-Kind Donations.

  1. a.       Cash Donations. JCHC makes donations to various charitable causes, including Girl Scout and Boy Scout first aid kits, 4-H first aid project, free loan of home billiruben blanket, sponsorship of baseball and softball teams, golf tournaments, area high school post prom activities, an area community picnic, a local dance recital, an area rodeo, EMT training conference, chamber of commerce banquet, chamber of commerce new teacher welcome, chamber of commerce teacher recognition, loaning out CPR mannequins, etc. JCHC also contributes items — such as wellness center passes, JCHC glasses and duffle bags, etc., to community events as door prizes. These totaled $646.39. Use of a biliblanket was donated for newborns with jaundice for 33 days of in-kind use, for a value of $3,630. Donations during fiscal 2013 totaled $4,276.39.


  1. b.      In-kind donations.           

            Walk to End Alzheimer’s – Jefferson Community Health Center supports the annual Walk to End Alzheimer’s by providing staff time and postage to send out sponsorship letters and news releases promoting the event, staff time to assist in planning the event, and staff time the day of the event. A total of 19 walkers participated and the event raised $3,800 for the Alzheimer’s Association. Estimated postage: $22. Estimated staff time: $240.

Safe Kids Chapter – The lead agency for Safe Kids was changed to Public Health Solutions in 2013, but Jefferson Community Health Center continues to be involved. Four JCHC staff members participate in the organization. They are joined by a variety of outside agencies in the community who believe strongly in childhood safety. In addition to safety seat check up events, other safety promotions were offered. Estimated staff time: $1,200.           

            Blood drive support – JCHC assists Nebraska Community Blood Bank by scheduling appointments for six blood drives each year. The blood products ultimately help our community, as Nebraska Community Blood Bank is JCHC’s supplier of blood and blood products. Estimated staff time: $100.

            Safety Day for Kids. JCHC was one of the co-sponsors for the annual Safety Day for kids in Jefferson County. A total of 67 kids — ages Kindergarten through sixth grades — attended. Staff members assisted in planning the event and assisted in coordinating and instructing on the day of the camp. The cost of staff time donated is estimated at: $1,150. Total cost of supplies furnished was $250.


VII. Community Building Activities

            Economic development. Jefferson Community Health Center is active in local economic development activities. JCHC is a member of the Fairbury Chamber of Commerce. We seek opportunities to offer tours, health care information on community websites, etc. Cost of chamber membership: $275.

             In addition to these direct programs and services, the employees of Jefferson Community Health Center serve their community in many ways including serving in their churches, as Girl and Boy Scout leaders, 4-H leaders, as leaders in civic organizations, as youth group leaders, as city government members, on community development boards, for emergency response organizations, and others. JCHC staff members are a resource as community role models.

             JCHC is proud of its contributions to the citizens of Jefferson County and the surrounding area. The citizens of this area also highly regard JCHC’s contributions to the community.

            The goal of the JCHC board of directors, administration and staff is to expand that partnership with area residents and find more ways to serve as a resource for health and wellness information.