Cedarwood Apartment Rates

A security deposit equivalent to one half month’s rent is due upon admission.

If additional personal care services are needed, they are available for an additional charge.  Our staff will use an    assessment tool to work with each tenant to develop a plan that is best-suited to his or her individual needs.  Level charges of $5 per day per level may apply, depending on the assessment results and each person’s individual needs.

Type    Square Feet   Daily Rate    30-Day Month

Studio           363                        $90.00                $2,700.00

One BR   Under 500                $104.00              $3,120.00
Double Occ.                               $145.60              $4,368.00

One BR    Over 500                  $110.00            $3,300.00
Double Occ.                             $154.00            $4,620.00

Guest Meals

Breakfast: $5.00

Lunch: $5.00

Dinner- $5.00