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Fairbury Cycling Tour has Successful Eighth Year

Fairbury Cycling Tour has Successful Eighth Year

The 8th annual Fairbury Cycling Tour (FCT) sponsored by the Burkley Wellness Center was considered a success according to organizer Jackie Gregory. A total of 22 cyclists participated in the event on Saturday, May 14. Participants included local riders, as well as riders from Lincoln, Missouri and Kansas.

The just-for-fun, non-racing tour covered up to 70 miles on paved highways with five different options, all starting at the Burkley Health Center and continuing to Nebraska Highway 8. The first route was 12 miles to Jansen and back on U.S. Highway 136, the second route was 25 miles to 2 miles east of Endicott on to Jansen and down U.S. Highway 136.  The 48-mile route went to the Odell corner and back along Nebraska Highway 8. The 60-mile route went to Odell and then north to U.S. Highway 136 and back down U.S. Highway 136.  The longest was a 70-mile round trip route to Odell north to U.S. Highway 136, back west to Jansen turning south to Endicott and then back west down Nebraska Highway 8 back to the Burkley Wellness Center.

The cyclists were able to stop at SAG (Supply And Gear) stops along the way for water, power snacks and any bike assistance needed. One roving SAG vehicle was available for assisting in repairs and emergencies along the route.

Donations were very much appreciated for the event. Gregory also thanked of the volunteers and local youth for help at the SAG stops. Of course, riders deserve a big thanks, she said.

“A huge thank you to all of the participating riders who made the event a success,” Gregory said.