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Gardenside Long-Term Care Earns Five-Star Rating

FAIRBURY – Gardenside long-term care at Jefferson Community Health Center has once again received a 5 Star Rating from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid. Gardenside first received a 5 Star rating in 2008, when the rating system was brand new.

Facilities are assigned star ratings from a low of 1 star to a high of 5 stars based on health inspection surveys, staffing information and quality of care measures. The ratings are publicly available on the agency’s Nursing Home Compare website at

Recent changes in the rating system include incorporating the two nursing home quality measures for antipsychotic use into the Quality Measure Rating, increased the number of points necessary to earn a Quality Measure Star Rating of 2 or more stars , and changed the scoring method of the staffing star rating. The CMS website states: “Many nursing homes will see a lower quality measure rating as a result of these changes, even though the underlying QM data may not have changed. Because of these changes, it is not appropriate to compare a facility’s QM ratings that appear in February with those that appeared in earlier months.”

“All of our staff members work very hard to provide the best quality of care for our residents,” said Deb Sutton RN, Administrator for Gardenside long-term care. “We are pleased to know that our care for our residents is reflected in our ratings through Nursing Home Compare. We are also pleased to have maintained our 5 Star rating with the changes in the rating system.”

Gardenside long-term care is a part of Jefferson Community Health Center and has been providing long-term care to area residents since 1963. Currently, Gardenside is licensed for 40 beds, and has one Hospice room available. Gardenside has a resident dog, Tia; an aviary; and a variety of activities in which residents can participate including organized activities in the evenings and on weekends.

Gardenside prides itself on having a homelike environment, and being a small, family-oriented care facility. Residents are encouraged to be a part of planting and care and for gardens, and the garden project is expected to grow this spring and summer. Three enclosed courtyards provide outdoor space for residents and their families to enjoy. Family members are invited to take part in activities, and at least twice a year special celebrations are planned which include family members.

“What really sets us apart and makes our facility special is our wonderful staff,” Sutton said. “Their hard work, dedication and care for our residents truly makes us a five-star facility.”

The Nursing Home Compare statistics can be accessed by going to and selecting Gardenside LTC-JCHC.