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New X-ray Machine Better for Patients

New X-ray Machine Better for Patients

FAIRBURY –     The best features of the JCHC Radiology Department’s new x-ray machine make it safer, faster, more efficient and more comfortable for patients.

The favorite feature of the new Siemens Luminos Agile machine, which was installed in the newly remodeled radiology department in October, is that it moves to within 26 inches of the floor. This makes it much easier and more comfortable for patients to get onto the machine.

“We no longer need a step stool,” said Nikole Marshman, RT, radiology supervisor.

The new machine also has a digital detector, which allows images to pop up quickly for review. That means exam times are shorter for patients, because there isn’t as much waiting. In addition, the new machine has a decreased dose of radiation. While this isn’t something a patient can feel during an exam, it means lower risks for the patient in the future by being exposed to less radiation. The new machine also has a higher weight limit, a feature which is becoming more necessary in our society today.

The new machine replaces a Siemens machine which was installed in 2002. The previous machine was scheduled for replacement soon, and the current renovation project which involved moving the main x-ray room made it a good time to replace the machine with a new state-of-the-art model, Marschman said.

The new machine was purchased at a cost of about $430,000. Of that cost, $215,000 of fund-raising dollars from the Jefferson Health Care Fund was approved by the JCHC board of directors to help purchase the machine. These were unrestricted funds which have been donated over the years, said Lana Likens, fund-raising director. Funds utilized include undesignated memorial funds, golf tournament and other event proceeds, individual donations and undesignated employee payroll deduction donations. More than $200,000 in undesignated funds remain in the Jefferson Health Care Fund for future uses.

“The board felt this as a great use of undesignated funds which have been given to JCHC to help to provide quality care for future generations,” said Chad Jurgens, CEO.

The new room itself offers many features which help the staff to work more efficiently, and therefore means more efficient exams for patients. The room is larger than the previous room, and gives space to have multiple health care personnel to help a patient, if necessary. Other features of the room may not be noticeable to patients, but assist staff in making an exam go as smoothly as possible, such as a tracking feature.

“Exams are so fast now. Even patients comment on that,” Marschman said.

Exams continue to be sent to a radiologist digitally, as was the case with the previous machine. Exams are stored off site by Advanced Medical Imaging, and are available to be sent electronically to any medical provider.

Photo: JCHC Radiology staff with the new machine. From left, Marci Gillham, Amanda Jarchow, Nikole Marschman, and Janette Warnke.