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Smart Moves Was a Smart Decision

Smart Moves Was a Smart Decision

FAIRBURY –Becky Beasley and Dee Jordening agree that joining Smart Moves lifestyle change program was a smart decision for their health. And doing it as a team was also a smart decision.

Beasley and Jordening were in the first session of Smart Moves, which began in October 2015. By the time they complete their program in the fall of 2016, they will have had 22 sessions with a team which includes a dietitian, a diabetes educator and a personal trainer. They have completed the portion of the class where they had weekly meetings, and now meet monthly with their class and instructors.

“I just feel better,” Jordening said.

Beasley said the class has helped her to feel healthier and exercise more.

Jordening said she knew when she turned 59 she needed to do something to improve her health. She was interested in the new Smart Moves class being advertised, and recruited Beasley to join her.

Both agreed that the class has been beneficial. Jordening had to take off work early, and for both it was a commitment to attend classes.

“It was worth it,” Jordening said.

Some of what the class stressed they might have already known, both agreed.

“We know we’re supposed to eat right. We know we’re supposed to exercise. We know what to do, we just need a little nudge,” Jordening said.

Both stressed that this is not a diet or a short-term change. They are working to make lifestyle changes which can help them continue  to live healthier lives. They have learned tips and tricks to help make lifestyle change possible, from instructors and from other class members. They have used the six-month wellness center membership that was a part of the program, as well.

Beasley and Jordening both agree they would recommend Smart Moves to others who are ready to make a lifestyle change. They also say that doing it together with a buddy has helped both of them.