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JCHC Visitors May Wish to Use Outpatient Entrance

FAIRBURY – Jefferson Community Health Center is entering the final phase of its renovation project, and that means one more hallway has closed. The north-south hallway from the business office to the patient rooms is now closed until the project is completed in May.

“We apologize for the inconvenience of closing a much-used hallway, but it is necessary to complete the final phase of our renovation project, which will finish spaces for Health Information Services, Human Resources and meeting rooms,” said Chad Jurgens, JCHC CEO.

Those who need to access acute care patient rooms – either as patients who are to be admitted or as visitors – may find it most convenient to park on the south side of the building and use the Outpatient/Emergency entrance. This entrance is locked after regular business hours, but a telephone is available in the entry way to contact nursing and allow the entrance.

“This entrance will offer admitting patients and those who are visiting the closest access to the acute care patient area,” Jurgens said.

Those who enter through the main entrance, or who are making stops to other areas in the hospital such as the rehab and sports clinic, will follow the orange “Hospital Services” signs around the outpatient hallway to access acute care (hospital) patient rooms.

The project, which began in the spring of 2013, is expected to be completed in May. The major facility renovation project is estimated to cost about $8.1 million. Patient room remodeling to allow all private patient rooms was the main focus of the project, and patient rooms are completed. JCHC now offers 17 spacious, comfortable patient rooms with handicapped accessible restrooms and private showers.

“We have heard many compliments on our newly renovated patient rooms,” Jurgens said.

In order to make the patient room renovation possible and make maximum use of space in the existing facility, several other areas have also been renovated and moved. Already in newly renovated locations are lab, pharmacy, and radiology. Newly renovated administrative offices will open soon. Yet to be completed are Health Information Services, Human Resources and meeting rooms.

The project involves all internal remodeling, except for an addition which was constructed to add a hallway between the two wings of patient rooms, and some courtyard renovation work that was done in the area between the two wings of patient rooms.

“We continue to encourage everyone to ask someone if you have trouble finding something in our facility,” Jurgens said. “We also recognize that especially during certain phases of this project, parking could become very tight in our parking lots. We thank you for your patience.”