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Burkley Wellness Center Donates Stability Balls

Burkley Wellness Center Donates Stability Balls

By Emily Winter,
Fairbury Junior-Senior High School Science Teacher

Remember what classrooms looked like when you were in school? Well not any more! School just got a lot more fun down at Fairbury High school as Mrs. Winter’s 7th grade science students ditched their old classroom chairs for new fitness balls. Why make the change? Numerous research studies show that movement in the classroom improves mental focus, memory, and cognitive flexibility, all of which improve academic success. In addition to the academic and health benefits, the new fitness balls also help our growing number of students in the classroom with ADHD as it provides a positive outlet to release energy.

Although the first day of the switch was a little chaotic, the change has been a big improvement for the students and they are enjoying their new seats. “I like that I can move more in class,” said 7th grader Hektor Kuzelka. Classmate Rileagh Meyers adds, “It’s more comfortable and helps me concentrate more.”

All of the fitness balls were generously provided by the Burkley Wellness Center. Mrs. Winter and FHS greatly appreciate their support and dedication to our community and its children.  According to Joel Estrada, it’s “ball-rific” to be in science now!