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Annual Christmas Project to Benefit ER Patients and Long-Term Care Residents

FAIRBURY    Each year Jefferson Community Health Center asks the community’s help in completing a special project for our patients, residents and visitors. This year, JCHC is raising money for two special projects. This year’s projects include a Zoom Cart (motorized stretcher) for the JCHC emergency department at a cost of $14,000, and the It’s Never 2 Late computer system for Gardenside long-term care, at a cost of $11,874. The goal is to raise a total of $25,874.

The Zoom Cart, a motorized stretcher, has a powered mechanism which helps staff to propel the cart when it is loaded, and also can weigh the patient on the cart. The motorized mechanism can help staff to get the patient where they need to be for diagnostic x-rays or CT scans quickly and safely. Being able to weigh the patient while on the cart can also be a great convenience for the patient, and can enhance safety and proper treatment by assuring staff know the patient’s accurate weight.

The It’s Never 2 Late computer system is designed to provide “dignity through technology,” and is designed especially for seniors in long-term care facilities. The system is designed to provide a variety of activities adapted to each resident’s abilities and interests, and improve socialization and quality of life. It allows easy internet access, including Skype and email; it provides cognitive stimulation, through games, tours and hands-on activities; and it can be used to enhance therapies. The system includes a mobile computer on a motorized, height adjustable stand that can be wheeled from room to room or used in common spaces; special tools including a music maker, flight simulator and bike simulator; staff training on the system; and one year of licensing for the system.

The first week in December, more than 2,300 letters went out to area residents (and even some far-away friends of JCHC) to seek donations to help to purchase these two items.

All contributions are welcome. If someone would like to donate and did not receive a letter, donations can be made payable to Jefferson Health Care Fund, with a notation that the donation is for the Christmas project. Contributions may be made in honor of someone living or in memory of someone who has passed away.

            All contributions will be recognized in the fiscal 2015 annual report for Jefferson Community Health Center and the Jefferson Health Care Fund. Memorial gifts are recognized each year in a newspaper ad prior to Memorial Day. All donations of $1,000 or more will be recognized with a plaque on the Wall of Honor, and contributions of any amount are counted toward cumulative recognition.

Last year, we raised $26,000 with our Christmas project. The money was used to purchase a pool lift for the Bob and Wauneta Burkley Wellness Center, a lift chair for acute nursing, and two bedside chairs designed for easy sitting and standing; and funded the ceiling lift installed during renovation in one of the new patient rooms.

Anyone with questions is invited to call Lana Likens, director of public relations at JCHC, at (402) 729-6855.