Board of Directors

Jefferson Community Health Center Inc. is a non-profit corporation which is not supported by tax dollars. The corporation’s business is managed by a board of directors elected from corporation members. The corporation can issue no shares of stock and cannot declare any dividends or distribute any part of its income to its corporate membership.

To become a lifetime member, an individual, company or corporation must simply contribute $100 or more to the corporation. A lifetime member, with the approval of the board of directors, can have his or her stock transferred to another person. Anyone interested in becoming a member should contact the hospital chief executive officer at 402-729-3351.

It’s the membership’s responsibility to maintain the facilities of Jefferson Community Health Center, and see that the facility continues to provide the highest-quality care possible for the community and surrounding area.

Directors for the nine-member board are elected from among the members at the annual membership meeting. Directors are elected to serve a four-year term, and no director is allowed to serve more than two successive four-year terms. The board meets monthly, with various committees meeting as needed.

Board of Directors

Brian Scheele, Chairman

Mary Glenn, Vice Chairman

Brian Blobaum, Secretary/Treasurer

Ted Tucker MD

Linda Bauer

Jeremy Christiansen

Loren Duerksen

Trevor Steinmeyer

Sheri Schultis