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Drill planned at Jefferson Community Health Center

FAIRBURY – On Friday, Oct. 21, an exercise will be held at Jefferson Community Health Center to give an opportunity for local law enforcement personnel and health center staff to practice the actions they would need to take in the case of a shooting incident.

“In our world today, we must be prepared for any type of emergency,” said John McKee, Jefferson County Emergency Manager. “We practice for all types of emergencies, and hope we never have to use the lessons learned for a real such incident.”

Jefferson Community Health Center will remain open for business, and everyone will be safe throughout the exercise. The exercise will be put on hold if there is a real-life emergency happening during the exercise.

The public is being alerted that this event will be happening in order to alleviate concerns which may arise when emergency pages go out, and when emergency vehicles are seen at Jefferson Community Health Center.

“The exercise itself is not designed to be a surprise. We want to alleviate concerns and rumors during the exercise from the community,” McKee said. “We will do our best not to be a major inconvenience or cause for concern to the health center.”

Details of the event will not be released, however, to give those who are participating in the exercise as much of a “real-life emergency” feeling as is possible with a planned event.

Anyone with questions may call John McKee, Jefferson County Emergency Manager, at (402) 729-3602; Judd Stewart, JCHC Emergency Preparedness Director at (402) 729-3351; or Lana Likens, JCHC Director of Public Relations, at (402) 729-6855.